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A Galaxy of features: Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. S8+

Writing about Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. S8+, both being flagship devices, is a tough task. To be brutally honest there are not many differences between the two and absolutely none when it comes to performance. The physical aspect of the two devices is only what separates the two and makes for the ‘+’ sign mean more in size. Both of them sport the infinity display that Samsung has so popularly promoted. It means that both of them come with the same curved screens at the side and have very small bezels at the top and at the bottom. Samsung has not used its traditional home button to provide for this increase in screen size and it works beautifully to their advantage.

The S8 vs. S8+:

Screen size: While the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with a 5.8 inches screen the bigger Galaxy S8+ sports an even bigger 6.2 inches screen. Most people will find it difficult to manage so large a screen that offers a sensitive touch. The Galaxy S8 is better suited for people who are aiming to make this their everyday phone. Of course, those of the more creative bend will find better use in Galaxy S8+ as it allows you to do o much more with its increased screen size. S8+ is especially suited for those involved in viewing and editing.

Battery backup: It was an obvious difference between the two. Coming with a larger screen size, the S8+ will require more battery back in comparison to S8. The S8+ variant has a 3500mAh battery backup option while the S8 comes with a 3000mAh casing. However, both will work exceeding well if your aim is to extract a day and a half’s worth of life on average usage. For a longer run, both of them offer excellent battery saving option. The increased screen size of S8 means more brightness and larger display; Samsung has addressed this issue by providing the extra 500mah to the S8+.

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