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Facial recognition And a Future We Might All Come to Dread

Facial recognition And a Future We Might All Come to Dread

Chances are that in the coming years, when you walk into a bank, the alarm systems will go off and the security will come to bundle you off to a secured place to await your arrest. You wonder why, right?

Another scenario is that you will be walking on the road and a complete stranger will call you by your first name. I see paranoia beginning to creep in.

You probably wonder how this is possible, well technology says it is not. With a facial recognition system, everybody will be able to recognize everybody. This sounds like a scene out of a movie, does it not?

The Facial Recognition Module is a system used to identify people automatically using their video images. It works by recognizing faces caught on Axxon facial detection tool through making a comparison of their parameters with digital templates that have been stored in a database.

Apart from this, it adds or deletes entries from reference database, prints pictures of faces that have been recognized, displays recognition statistics, reviews video recording in relation to specific face recognition events, checks to see that images comply with biometric identification systems' standards.

This module makes for a pretty high level of accuracy in recognition and can be combined with an access control system with higher security requirements, like the bank or some other facilities. It can also be used in casinos, hotels, restaurants, or similar places.

Apparently some banks have already started using facial recognition systems.

Facial recognition systems provide valuable solutions to some nagging problems such as frauds. In Moscow, for instance, people use fake IDs to obtain loans. When this happens, the bank incurs damaging losses. With facial recognition systems, this menace can be curbed.

Many ATMs are equipped with this module to reduce crimes committed with ATM cards. As you are keying in your PIN, you will be warned by the machine about a shoulder surfer who may be trying to look over your shoulder to get your PIN.

The systems is of very great help to the crime fighting agency. Imagine a scenario where a fugitive is on the loose and decides to make withdrawals using an ATM card. Of course the card will probably not be his own but his face will be his and the Face Recognition System will immediately pick it up.

Wearing a face mask might work, but then the machine will refuse to let him withdraw.

You will agree with me that it all sounds wonderful. But what if there is a mistake somewhere? What if you go to make a withdrawal and the facial recognition tool flags you as a criminal?

Correcting the problem and getting yourself exonerated would most certainly take some time, time you may not have, leaving you enraged at the end.

Again, with the way technology and the internet bares our lives to the public, a Facial Recognition System which knows exactly what we look like might have us wearing disguises in the future just to be afforded some privacy.

5 IPhone Tablets You Would Love To Get Your Hands On

Apple Inc. produce ipads which are well-designed and brilliantly planned tablet computers. They run with Apple’s iOS.

There is no exhausting the many different functions these devices can perform, from taking pictures, making videos, playing music and downloading games to performing other internet tasks.

Some of these internet tasks may include social networking or even GPS navigation. The functions and features are many and useful as well.

Apples released the first iPad on April 3, 2010. Most of them are fixed on Wi-Fi network although some models have been made to be based on cellular activity.

Below are some of the tablets you would definitely want to get your hands on.

Apple iPad Air

This device is weightless, slim and slender, every definition of sleek. This weightless feature means you don’t have to lug a bulky tablet about with you everywhere you go. The amazing fact is that it is 9.7inches in length.

With its pretty cool containing aluminium and uninterrupted lines, this design is up there in the list of best tablet designs anywhere.

There is also the screen which is a 9.7in 2048*1536 IPS display that has varying degrees of brilliant colours.

It is a perfect tool for reading, internet surfing, operating mails and typing. This is one you would like to have with you.

Apple iPad Mini 2

This is probably one of the most impressive devices put out in the market by Apples. There is the big extra screen space with its big vertical chunk which spells uniqueness.

It comes with a screen resolution of 2048*1536 that brings out loads of tiny texts clearly. It has a streaming on a 1.3GHz dual-core A7 under 1GB of RAM. The battery life is also a big plus.

Apple iPad 3

This comes with 1GB RAM size, iOS 5 with iCloud support, optional GPA with A-GPS support, and optional LTE connectivity. Included in its features also are a 9.7in LED-back-lit IPS LCD touch screen and 2048 * 1536 pixels.

It is scratch-resistant and its most low priced version goes for less the price of a sim-free iPhone. This is amazing.

Apple iPad Mini

I think the nicest thing you will discover about the Apple iPad Mini is the ease in use. You can operate this iPad with just one hand because it has little weight and is very thin.

You can carry it about without discomfort because it is designed to be portable.

Apple iPad 4

There is little difference between this iPad and the iPad 2 and 3. They have the same measurement and the same size.

However, its hardware has been updated and that makes it stand out. It has as one of its features lightning connector and 4G connectivity.

Making Skype video calls and surfing the net has never been easier and enjoyable.

Apple iPad has brought so many changes to modern living, and with its progressive features aims to make life easier, modern and convenient. For social networking and other uses like typing, the iPad has certainly been of great help.

It can be used in lightning fast research as well.

So, have a go at it, I am pretty sure you cannot wait to get your hands on these devices.

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